soft facts

soft facts paintings 2017-2020

ongoing work

soft facts

A „soft fact“ is a not or non-objectively quantifiable and measurable quantity that forms a „non material reality”. As this, it was chosen as the title of my second solo show at Domeij Gallery.
I pursue a structured conceptual approach to painting between the diffuse and the rational, questions the variables in construction of a picture and representations of reality. Departing from physical or computer based virtual realities, my source material is often going through a multi-layered media transfer between computer graphics, painting, collage and print. Seemingly arbitrary forms that are hard to grasp in terms are the main motifs in her imagery. Attitude, belief, individual skills, emotion and intuition are the motor of my visual decisions.
When exhibited, the interaction with the „hard facts“ comes more into focus: The choice of material, canvas-size, the actual exhibition context, economic preconditions of time and money. The paintings show “soft facts” rather than telling stories. Yet, they feel precise. They invite the individual viewer to construct his own reality or meaning, leaving space for the non-quantifiable.

The notion „soft fact“ was first introduced in the McKinsey 7S Framework, a management model in the 80´s. Interacting with the Hard Elements (Strategy, Structure, Systems), the Soft Elements (Shared Values, Skills, Staff, Style) are also considered as crucial for the success of an enterprise or project.

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