The NURBS suite investigates painting by the means of 3D modelling and vice versa. The earlier paintings refer to experiences made in computer games, such as immersion, discontinuity of space, rendering problems, transitions from 2D to 3D.

For the creation of the interactive 3D model “proceed” based on one of the paintings, the painterly process was translated to spatial constellations, layers and bodies. Travelling through virtual worlds, the gamer constructs a possible reality, and deconstructs it when moving.

The act of navigation is an attempt to structure the world, sometimes by trial and error, often non-rational and motivated by the game´s “flow”.

In “proceed” the user doesn´t have any other tasks but to navigate and proceed, experiencing his disorientation as a source of contemplation.

The 3d modelling process produced further paintings based on manipulated screenshots of the model dealing with these aspects.

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